A Dozen Brownies

Life is short and sweet. Eat it up!


In the last two days through a series of events I’ve really watched The Lord test me and the enemy attack. Instead of analyzing the intentions of someone in the second heaven realm of the soul, I saw how the spiritual realm really works. It excited me more than anything because I could see how the presence of God draws people close yet makes them uncomfortable and they push away. I was able to see in the spirit realm what I hadn’t before. It was really cool. I just wanted to share this because I feel like as of late my discernment has been off.

A friend once mentioned that when people of a strong gift come together, their gifts become stronger like the gift of prophecy. I work with a friend who I think has this gift (discernment, wisdom, and knowledge) and when we work together everything is so easy and in sync and so much more powerful through the Holy Spirit, no questions are asked. I think this person knows why too. We just have never discussed it. I love how this realm works.

Anyway, praying for everyone reading this and hoping The Lord blesses you in abundance in gifts for the kingdom.

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I think it’s really good to consistently question who you are and who the people you surround yourself are. One negative person could turn your day upside down and put you in a mindset that could stick for a while. Knowing who you are in Christ and who you want to be is important. You need a rock to stand solid through your day. 

I have to remind myself constantly that I’m not of this world. And I shouldn’t be around those who are. I can be kind but I cannot be a part of their lives, no matter how much I enjoy their company. 

I pray God saves, protects, heals, and softens those hearts of whom I come into contact with through the peace of the prince flowing through me. And I just pray that the veils over those eyes be lifted. That they may see the truth and love that is of Christ. 

It’s difficult to trust that the Lord has plans for people who are in the deepest and darkest of places. And it’s difficult to trust that He will change those hardened hearts and make them whole. In the flesh I want apologies from people and a 100% change in those who I find ugly. But, that is foolish. Even I have not reached 100% change. And I cannot do that without the guidance of God. When I walk with Him, I do not stumble. When I don’t, I see myself distant from light. When there is less of me and more of Him, that is when I will be whole (Matt. 6:10 Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven).

This is why it is important to be in the word, daily. To start the day off with prayer or speaking with Him. To know His thoughts and His heart. 

Everyday we have a choice. The right decisions are the one that will give us a better life. 

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Side note:

Guess who had a glass of wine and didn’t finish it? This lady. Hash tag sober. Good-bye bottle, hello life. If you didn’t know, I’ve been relying on alcohol to make myself feel better about well, everything. Since an experience with an ex-whatever and 5 months of hell, I’ve decided to be the person I am happy with, I needed to get rid of crappy people and things. Hence the obsession with yoga, and frequent posts. Substances and bodily abuse is not the way to go (I’ve struggled with eating disorders too). Christ and knowing Him and having the fruit guide your life, that is the way the truth and the life. Period. I feel almost back to normal. It’s only taken 2 years. Ugh.

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