A Dozen Brownies

And life

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I cannot express the amount of true peace and joy I’ve experienced in the last couple of days. I am so happy and excited for the next season in my life. Toxic people have been removed, and though I’ve left some who I truly care about, I know my God will protect and bless them. I wish everyone could feel how I feel right now. Nothing can make me feel bad about anything. It makes me wonder if this feeling can be life longer. Everlasting. This must have been the Lords original plan. To feel safe, happy, at peace. To have a knowing that no matter what happens, His will is to create a perfect life for us; one that fulfills His ultimate plan. All I want to do right now is spend time with Him, learn His heart, share His heart for people, and walk in Him. I want to be the one who helps bring Light to the darkness. One who exposes lies and who brings Truth and Breath to lives of hurting, confusing, frustrated people. I’m just in awe of what can happen in a few months. From being a complete wreck because of someone’s carelessness with my feelings and heart to totally completion in the eyes of my Creator. He is Life and Love.  He is Faithful always because we cannot see the big picture. I’m grateful for that. I am exuberant in Him.

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"If you become powerful and have everything you want but no one likes you, what kind of successful life is that?"
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